Cohort #1

Meet Flaunt It's 2021 Creative Interns

The Flaunt It Movement’s Creative Internship is designed for seven self-identifying young women artists who are at the exploration and early stages of their artistic career. Each intern developed artwork for Flaunt-It’s Magazine production that
compiles art by BIWOC artists and organizations while accessing workshops that empower them as social change artists.

Internship Report will be released in October 2021!

Internship Overview

Week 1: Self-Exploration

The theme of self-exploration identifies how interns' will acquaint themselves with the program and solidify the details of of their self-led artistic project for the magazine.

July 12-July 16

Week 2: Self-Reflexivity

With knowledge of the barriers in place which hinder BIWOC artists' success, the theme of self-reflexivity welcomes interns to reflect on lived experience of disenfranchisement.


Week 3: Self-Representation

The theme of self-representation introduces interns to thinking critically on how identity influences artistic practice and success.


Week 4: Self-Validation

The theme of self-validation is dedicated to teaching interns how to interject themselves in exclusive spaces while also advocating for themselves in adversity

August 3-August 6

Week 5: Self-Confidence

Building off the knowledge developed throughout the program, the theme of self-confidence is intended to showcase the accomplishments and talents of interns.

August 9-August 13

Week 6: Self-Love

As the last week of the internship, this theme concludes with Flaunt-It's overall mission to assist BIWOC to self-love.

August 16-August 20