Grassroots Arts Collective & Social Enterprise, by Youth.

The Flaunt It Movement & Collection is a BIPOC/youth-led community organization that fosters self-love, highly-esteemed representation and leadership opportunities for women through the arts, entrepreneurship and activism. Our platform comprises community-led programs that celebrate, inspire, and support marginalized women's identities to develop multidisciplinary skill sets that amplify their self-esteem, representation, and leadership.

By operating both a community arts collective and a social enterprise — Flaunt-It's mission is to use artistic activism, community-building and creative entrepreneurship to empower women to be the best artists, activists, entrepreneurs and leaders possible.

All projects are created by racialized women, femme and non-binary folks primarily from Toronto, Canada's low-income communities. Our innovative approaches are creating transformative social change in our local communities by uplifting the confidence levels of every woman we work with within our movement.


Over 500 individual portraits and stories have been captured of women at our events. All were shot by racialized women photographers from low-income communities to support their portfolio development.

90% of our guests shared that they feel more empowered after attending our initiatives/projects.

Over 15

Over 15 events hosted since August 2015. They are also known as our inclusive safe spaces as we organize open photo shoots, exhibits, showcases and more to celebrate the identities of women.

We have gathered over 1000 attendees throughout our events. Every event is entirely led by racialized young women and gender-diverse folks.


Over $50,000 was used to pay youth artists through honourariums and hourly wages for their hard work since 2021.

This includes our youth-led core team, interns, magazine artists, local workshop facilitators and more. We prioritize artists from low-income communities.

nine women of color each holding balloons and letter balloon that spells out I LOVE YOU

Success Beyond Limits

"As a fellow community organization located in the Jane-Finch area of Toronto we have witnessed first-hand the impact strong leadership can have when it’s the right people behind it. Flaunt-It has demonstrated this leadership through an extraordinary commitment to empowering young people and creating pathways for their growth. At the root of Flaunt-It’s impact are people who have found their calling; created new relationships; and found strong mentors to foster their dreams." 

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The Flaunt It Movement works and resides on the unceded & unsurrendered territory of the Huron Wendat, Petun, Seneca, the Anishnabeg, and the Chippewa. These original caretakers of what is now Toronto have a rich, enduring history and presence on these lands and waterways. Many of our local community programs reach and engage across T’karanto and Turtle Island.