Est. December 2016

About Our Movement ♡

The Flaunt It Movement (“Flaunt It”) is a grassroots youth-led organization that fosters self-love and highly-esteemed representation of all women through creative, community projects.

We use the arts to create a platform of collaborative campaigns & inclusive safe spaces that celebrate, empower & represent the intersectional layers of beauty in all women.

We are dedicated to inspiring and empowering women to be confident artists, activists, entrepreneurs and leaders.

Our Vision

"To inspire all women to love themselves unconditionally & with the capacity to hold space plus show up for more women."

All our work is rooted in promoting self-love by celebrating our stories and identities.

Our Mission

Flaunt It uses artistic activism & community-building strategies to foster, empower, & inspire young women to confidently create social change. Our work prioritizes supporting women, girls and femmes from underserved communities as we help provide the resources and opportunities for them to excel as artists, activists, entrepreneurs, and overall, leaders. 

We believe that creative expression and platforms empower social changemakers.

Updated Aug. 31 Blog coming soon!

What's New?

Virtual Exhibit

Check out what we've been up to this summer! Learn more about our Creative Internship and view the completed projects of Cohort #1!

Call for Proposals & Magazine Submissions!

Learn more about how to submit original artwork or a proposal for our upcoming magazine/visual anthology.

CICI/RB Shirt Out Now!

We've been taking a break from our collection to focus on our movement! New collection releasing in September 2020 for our one year anniversary!

Let's Work Together!

We are always looking for sponsorships, donors, partners, collaborations and more!

We are currently not accepting any new team members on Flaunt-It. Stay tuned via our social media for volunteer opportunities and team applications in October 2021.

If you are interested in supporting social media via graphics and communication design posts, please email us.

Feel free to reach out to us! We're the fastest on Instagram DM's (@flauntitmovement). With emails, please anticipate 2-3 days for responses.