The First Canadian Visual Anthology Series Entirely Produced by 2SLGBTQ+ BIPOC Youth & Artists

From Instagram campaigns to exhibits to social venture start-ups — Flaunt-It continues to explore how our movement can provide a celebratory and empowering platform for women and gender-diverse creatives to excel. As the grassroots artist collective is moving onto its third issue, the biennial publication is a collection of literature, visual arts, digital media, film, video, and more.

Flaunt-It's Visual Anthology is a compilation of stories exploring the intersectional identities of Black, Indigenous, and Women (+ Gender-Diverse People) of Colour (BIWOC). It invites all the stories that have been marginalized from mainstream media. It is a celebration of marginalized identities, grassroots initiatives, and their creators. Flaunt-It's visual anthology features various creative projects that explore identity and our chosen biennial themes. These projects will interject the celebration and representation of primarily BIWOC.

Submissions are officially open! Our full page about the theme is still coming & more posts will be shared in May 2024.

However, we encourage you to explore:

  • Cultural Perpetuity's Definition & Blackfoot Nations Origins
  • Decolonizing Sigmund Freud's Egos Theory
  • Exploring Personhood & Purpose
  • Your Past, Present & Possibilities

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a visual anthology?

An anthology is "a published collection of poems or other writing pieces." In academic spaces, scholars commonly write chapters or journals that a publication will compile into an anthology. By evolving this concept, Flaunt-It adapted the anthology model to make it more visual. Our anthology combines photo series, short stories, graphic design, visual arts, video thumbnails, playlists, interactive activities, spotlights, and so much more to create an anthology that every viewer would want to read from start to finish. Adding visuals makes the content more accessible and digestible for readers of all educational backgrounds, as academic anthologies frequently contain languages and formats that may be more difficult for the average reader to comprehend fully.

What makes it a magazine?

In 2021, Flaunt It Movement published our first visual anthology. The initial goal was to design a magazine, but our Team completely underestimated what 200 pages of high-quality artwork would embody. Initially, it was going to be an annual release, but that became challenging due to the size of the project. As we changed our minds in early 2022, Flaunt-It's Team released a 100-page soft-cover magazine option that follows more of the average magazine format.

Nevertheless, we are proud to see what it evolved into and grateful to hold space for many stories. With magazines, readers usually only read them after some time. We knew we wanted our publication to be more like a book for our community to cherish with that in mind. From 2022 onwards, we will no longer refer to it as a magazine and call it a visual anthology. Issue 001 is still available as a soft-cover and hard-cover publication, and Issue 002's Part 1: Magazine is also available for sale.

What are the timelines and deadlines?

Submissions for FIVA'003 open on Saturday, March 30, 2024. (It was initially scheduled for Friday, March 8, 2024 but we are rolling out content about it first).

Deadline: Tuesday, September 30, 2024 by 11:59 PM ET

Submissions will be reviewed on a rolling basis, and we will respond in 3-4 weeks. We accept nearly all submissions so long as they meet our eligibility criteria. Our Team may request a meeting to discuss feedback, required/missing files and general next steps. What's unique about our production process is that our Team of professional artists truly believes in working closely with each artist to ensure we can help bring out the best work you will be proud of publishing. Once accepted, we begin a very collaborative process that includes having each artist help inform what their pages may look like, co-designing or co-writing any additional content, and having access to additional mentorship, resources, opportunities and more.

Please note that we will compile all the artwork and final projects for the visual anthology in 2025. We will likely finish post-production in August 2025 and begin preparing it for print and the launch event in November 2025.

Who can submit a piece?

We welcome artists of intersectional identities, including 2SLGBTQ+ BIPOC, women, femme, non-binary (both AMAB or AFAB), gender-non-conforming or gender-diverse artists, organizations, and businesses to submit a piece. We sincerely welcome aspiring and emerging artists along with grassroots organizations and entrepreneurs.

We prioritize Black, Indigenous, and Women (and Gender-Diverse People) of Colour from primarily underserved communities in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. However, we welcome submissions from across Turtle Island/Canada. Anyone of all ages, education, status, income, sexuality, religion, and more can apply.

We aim to make this as barrier-free as possible. The application form will ask demographic-related questions for data collection purposes only. If you need support completing an application or want clarification on your piece, please email

What kind of works can be in the visual anthology?

We accept all kinds of art forms as long as they can be published. Submissions can be visual and digital, including interviews, film, photography, poetry, short stories, recipes, tutorials, lyrics activities, and more! The projects must focus on an issue the artist is passionate about and closely relates to their identity/experiences as a BIWOC. Every submission is an identity project the artist gets to tell on their own behalf.

Please read more about our current theme to learn the specific guidelines for all submissions and proposals.

Will I receive an honorarium? Is there a fee to submit?

Currently, we are unable to provide honoraria. For Issues 001 and 002, our confirmed funder was the Canadian Women’s Foundation’s Investment Readiness Program. We are spending 2024 looking for a new funder for the publication. Once confirmed, we hope to provide an honorarium to every accepted artist during the November 2025 launch.

Despite the honoraria, we do not charge any fees to submit. Submitting your project is entirely free. If you are based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, we have resources at our Flaunt It Studio to help you finalize/edit/produce your projects. We will also do our best to provide virtual support to those all across Turtle Island.

In addition, all Indigenous artists will receive an honorarium, as we are committed to working with and supporting more Indigenous artists on this issue going forward.

Is this Canada’s largest visual anthology publication?

Many visual anthologies are available online or for print and created by independent artists. What’s unique about Flaunt It’s Visual Anthology production is that it is the largest visual anthology publication led and featuring artwork and submissions for over 100 2SLGBTQ+ BIPOC/women, femmes and non-binary artists from all across Turtle Island (or what is now known as Canada). The one-of-a-kind hardcover publication is more than your average coffee table book since each page contains a story from an emerging or established artist. Flaunt-It accepts about 50 submissions per issue featuring over 100 artists at a time.

Is the visual anthology going to be published?

Our first issue and second issues were self-published. We are working on getting them officially published, which will help us prepare to publish Issue 003. All issues are available for sale online

"I feel like my work isn't good enough" or "I'm scared to submit."

We completely understand the feeling and want you to see this as an opportunity to collaborate with our movement, expand your portfolio, build your CV, experience getting published, and feel the joy of being celebrated. As our team is equipped with professional artists, please reach out to provide honest feedback to help you. We can also connect you with the tools, resources, and mentors that you may need.