Love Dimensions

Love Dimensions is the name of the creative, collaborative campaign that Flaunt-It uses to frame our collective's work for the year(s). In this case, it is the name of the magazine/visual anthology project, which will be Issue #2 of this work. Love Dimensions' theme focuses on demanding space for self-actualization as we explore what that looks like through the artworks and narratives of 2SLGBTQ+ Black, Indigenous, women, femmes and non-binary creatives across Turtle Island or what is now known as Canada. In consideration of this project's size, we have decided to launch it into two parts.

Flaunt-It has worked with over 100 Black, Indigenous, People of Colour (BIPOC) artists from all across the country to produce our second visual anthology titled "Love Dimensions: Demanding Space for Self-Actualization." It is a collection of literature and visual, digital + media arts that share the complex identities and narratives of all the women who have felt marginalized and unseen. This magazine is the second edition of our biennial initiative to bring paid arts opportunities to young racialized artists.

Our LOVE DIMENSIONS launch will consist of a SOFT-COVER MAGAZINE introducing the theme, concepts and artists in MARCH 2023 and then the official HARD COVER VISUAL ANTHOLOGY launching in November 2023. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between the magazine versus the visual anthology?

The magazine refers to the soft-cover shorter version of the full project. The visual anthology refers to the hard cover full version launching in November 2023. Initially, the names were used interchangeably to describe the same thing. However, the first issue comprised over 200 pages, becoming about an inch thick. It has become more than a standard magazine, sometimes called a coffee table book. We initially were going to discontinue the soft-cover versions but instead decided to launch Love Dimensions in two parts. A short, less-than-100-page soft-cover magazine will launch at this event, introducing the concepts of Love Dimensions, Flaunt-It's work and some of the artists' submissions. Then in November 2023, Flaunt-It will have the Love Dimensions Part 2 launch, where we will release the official full version of the hardcover anthology.

Can I still purchase the first issue?

Yes! All soft and hard-cover visual anthologies are available on our website for purchase. We will also be selling the first issues at this event. Visit this link to purchase your copy online as we have a limited quantity left:

What is Part 1 versus Part 2?

Part 1 is the event that introduces Love Dimensions and the incredible artists we have worked with over the past several months. It is an event to celebrate Women's History Month, and that will be Flaunt-It's first showcase of the year. We will be launching our magazine version at this time. Part 2 is the event where the official Love Dimensions full visual anthologies will be available for sale. We will celebrate our artists again, along with any new works we may include throughout 2023. It will be our last event of the year as we will celebrate it near Flaunt-It's 7th anniversary.

Will there be a digital version of the magazine available?

No, not at this time. We are focusing on releasing our physical copies for now.

When can I purchase the magazine online?

The magazine will be released on our site on March 20th.