📍 Serving Jane-Finch

The Jane-Finch Community is located in the Northwest end of North York, Ontario, Canada. It is a high-density, multicultural, low-income area with a strong desire for positive systemic change. Jane Street and Finch Ave West are at the core of many marginalized and underserved communities within Northwest Toronto.

It is a community where economic opportunities and social services have historically been underdeveloped, underfunded, and detrimental to Jane-Finch residents. Such narratives perpetuate racism, fear, and stereotyping, negating the positive aspects of the community and demeaning its residents instead. Due to this lack of funding, opportunities, and resources for Jane-Finch youth, the self-esteem, self-perception, and self-growth of women and gender-diverse youth of all intersectional identities are disproportionately impacted.

Our goal includes highlighting the vibrancy, advocacy, strong civic engagement, and numerous community programs in the Jane-Finch area often negated by popular media. We believe in funding opportunities and resources to support arts-based aspirations for young women and youth of all intersectional identities in Jane-Finch.

The arts and creative expression hold powerful strategies and tools to empower youth to unpack their identities and build the self-confidence to be incredible leaders. By empowering more youth to be leaders and role models in our communities, we can collectively address the socioeconomic conflicts.

★ Our Strategic Priorities

As a 2SLGBTQ+, BIPOC youth-led organization based within Northwest Toronto’s underserved neighbourhoods, our strategic priorities involve responding to systemic community underinvestment and gentrification, economically empowering our youth, preventing youth vulnerability to violence, and improving mental health by fostering self-confidence and -esteem.

Responding to Gentrification

The Finch-West LRT is at the core of the gentrification happening in Jane-Finch. We respond to gentrification, displacement and systemic underinvestment in marginalized and underserved communities like Jane-Finch by providing access to inclusive, safe spaces. Through our regular community events/workshops, collaborations with local organizations and Creative Co-Working Studio services, we ensure equitable access to economic and experiential pathways.

Economic Empowerment

We cannot stop gentrification from happening, but we can help ensure our youth can pursue careers and have the financial intelligence to build their wealth to afford to stay in the areas they call home. We provide a platform of resources such as paid work for youth artists, workshops/programs/training for creative entrepreneurs, publication opportunities, social enterprise collaborations and more. 

Violence Prevention

Youth are at an increased risk of conflict with the law due to the immense lack of safe spaces and programming available after school. Therefore, we design high-quality capacity-building programming, usually in partnership with our trustee, Success Beyond Limits and many more organizations. Our social development programming at the Studio focuses on giving youth ways to learn, explore, play and grow in a positive environment that reduces their vulnerability to violence. 

Mental Health

Underinvested communities leave youth feeling hopeless and discouraged about their potential. We believe in reframing self-esteem and confidence building by providing networks, community and peer support systems that include long-term growth and development. We aim to inspire youth by providing role models, mentors and sustainable access to our platform, as we focus on self-love and community empowerment/building. 

Flaunt It Movement (c/o Success Beyond Limits)

Flaunt It Movement ("Flaunt-It") is a grassroots youth-led social purpose organization that fosters self-love, highly-esteemed representation and leadership opportunities for 2SLGBTQ+ BIPOC women/gender-diverse youth through the arts, activism and entrepreneurship.

Trustee Organization: Success Beyond Limits

Charitable Number: 804825255RR0001

Flaunt It Movement

1110 Finch Ave West Unit 401

North York, ON M3J 2T2



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Flaunt It Movements works and resides on the unceded and unsurrendered traditional territories of many nations, including the Mississaugas of the Credit, the Anishnabeg, the Chippewa, the Haudenosaunee and the Wendat peoples. Many of our programs reach and engage across T'karonto and Turtle Island.

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