The Jane-Finch Community is located in the Northwest end of North York, Ontario, Canada.

It comprises Neighbourhood Improvement Areas (NIA’s) under the Toronto Strong Neighbourhoods Strategy 2020 (TSNS2020). It is a high-density, multicultural, and low income area with a strong desire for positive systemic change.

It is a community where economic opportunities and social services have historically been underdeveloped, underfunded, serving detrimental to Jane-Finch residents.

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The Jane-Finch area has been subject to city-wide stigmatization, referred to as Toronto’s “most dangerous” place by media sources.

Such narratives perpetuate racism, fear, and stereotyping, negating the positive aspects of the community, demeaning its residents instead.

Due to this lack of funding, opportunities, and resources for Jane-Finch youth, the self-esteem, self-perception, and self-growth of women and all intersectional identities are disproportionately impacted.

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Supporting communities across Toronto;

Starting with Jane-finch

Due to intersecting factors of socioeconomic position and institutionalized neglect, women and all intersectional identities of the Jane-Finch area are at increased risk of lowered self-esteem and opportunity for self-development.

Discriminatory government practices marginalize such communities, making self-development difficult to practice in a society that inherently neglects them.

That is why our programming addresses issues around: leadership, representation and self-esteem, particularly for youth.

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Providing High-Quality arts experiences in our community

Our goal includes highlighting the vibrancy, advocacy, strong civic engagement, and numerous community programs in the Jane-Finch area often negated by popular media.

We believe in funding opportunities and resources to support arts-based aspirations for young women and girls of all intersectional identities in Jane-Finch. Our platform is instilling values of creation, celebration, connection, and confidence building to positively impact self-esteem and self-growth.


Arts-based opportunities & resources

Understanding the hurdles women and those of all intersectional identities face amongst powerful oppressive systems, we seek to change these exclusive standards.

We believe that the arts and creative expression holds powerful strategies and tools to empower women and girls to unpack their identities and build the self-confidence to be incredible leaders.

By empowering more young girls and women to be leaders and role models in our communities, we can collectively address the socioeconomic conflicts.