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Every year, Flaunt-It organizes a series of projects that thematically provide a platform and showcase opportunities for our young artists.

Learn more about the annual showcases and our message of the year!

Celebrating Grassroots Activism & Movements


As a grassroots youth-led organization, we are more than a non-profit organization. We are residents and members of our communities who are collectively demanding and creating space for the folks who have always deserved it.

From Instagram campaigns, to exhibits, to social venture start-ups — we continue to explore the various ways our movement can provide a celebratory and empowering platform for women creatives to excel. For 2021, we are now creating a magazine/visual anthology that will compile the works of several emerging BIWOC artists who are sharing their stories via a range of art forms.


Releasing in December 2020

Flaunt-It's Magazine is a compilation of stories that explore the intersectional identities primarily of Black, Indigenous, women of colour (BIWOC). It invites all the stories that have been marginalized from mainstream media. It is a celebration of women, grassroots initiatives, and their creators.

Flaunt-It's visual anthology will feature various creative projects which explore identity. These projects will interject the celebration and representation of primarily BIWOC.

Want to be a part of this magazine? Submit a proposal or finished work today! We welcome all women, femme, enby, GNC artists, organizations and businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions (Please review before applying)

What is going to be in the magazine?

During our summer programming, Flaunt-It's team and interns have been working on several projects that highlight the stories of BIWOC. Now, we are ready to receive submissions and proposals for artwork. The projects can be visual, digital, interviews, film, photography, poetry, short stories, recipes, tutorials, and so much more! The sky is the limit. The projects have to focus on an issue the artist is passionate about and relates closely to their identity/experiences of being a BIWOC.


Our CALL FOR PROPOSALS allows organizations, businesses and artists to submit ideas for projects they may require support creating. We see this as a way for organizations and businesses to partner and collaborate where you may need Flaunt-It's support to bring an idea to life and project to fruition. You can notify us if you need support planning the project, finding space, models, photographers, and more by submitting a proposal. Check out our virtual exhibit to see all the projects that our interns proposed and that we helped them bring to life.

When submitting a proposal, Flaunt-It's Core Team will provide feedback on whether or not we can support the project. We will also share whether or not it aligns with the magazine's theme (For all the women who have never felt seen). Proposal spots are limited and will be accepted on a rolling basis. Applications are due September 17, 2021, and projects will have to be complete by September 30th.

Note: We cannot guarantee that we can provide all the support requested in one's initial proposal application. However, we will help guide the proposal and support the project as much as possible if approved. It is still up to the artist(s) who submitted to be the lead responsible for the project.

Your application should answer the following questions:

♡ What issue(s) does it address?
♡ Who is featured in it?
♡ Where will it take place?
♡ When can you begin production?
♡ Why is it important?


Our CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS allows folks to submit finished work into our magazine. It can be old works or new pieces that align with the magazine's theme. An honorarium will be provided for artworks that are selected for the magazine. If artwork is not selected for the magazine, Flaunt-It's Team will provide feedback on why it was not. Flaunt-It's Team aims to accept as many submissions as possible, as long as it aligns with the themes and values of Flaunt-It.

When is the deadline to submit?

CALL FOR PROPOSALS = Friday, September 30 2021 at 11:59 PM ET
CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS = Friday, October 15, 2021 at 11:59 PM ET

Both submissions and proposals will be reviewed on a rolling basis and within 1-2 business days. The earlier a proposal is submitted, the sooner that production can begin. Our timelines aim to compile the magazine's finished works within October & November and be ready for pre-orders by December 2021.

Who can submit a piece?

We welcome all women, femme, non-binary, gender-non-conforming or gender-diverse artists, organizations, and businesses to submit a piece. In addition, emerging artists and new/unincorporated/grassroots organizations and businesses are highly encouraged to apply. We prioritize Black, Indigenous, Women of Colour from primarily underserved communities in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. However, we welcome submissions across Canada.

There are no limitations around age, education, status, income, or any additional social determinants. We aim to make this as barrier-free as possible.

If you are unsure about your piece and would like to speak to a Flaunt-It Core Team member about your idea, please email community@flauntit.ca with MAGAZINE SUBMISSION QUESTIONS or MAGAZINE PROPOSAL QUESTIONS.

Is the magazine going to be published?

We will currently self-publish it and have it ready for sale by ideally December 2021 or early 2022. The magazine will be available for purchase on our social enterprise site www.flauntitcollection.com. A launch party event will be held in December 2021.

"I feel like my work isn't good enough" or "I'm scared to submit."

We completely understand the feeling and want you to see this as an opportunity to collaborate with our movement, expand your portfolio, build your CV, experience getting published, and feel the joy of being celebrated. As our team is equipped with professional artists, please reach out to provide honest feedback to help you. We may also be able to connect you with the tools, resources, and mentors that you may need.

After reading the FAQ, you can apply now! Good luck!

The Flaunt It Movement's 2021 Summer Programming is part of the Canadian Women's Foundation Investment Readiness Program, funded by the Government of Canada.