open photoshoot events

Collaboration Shoots

On Saturday, March 2, the Flaunt It team started the year by shooting three different campaigns that invited emerging and aspiring models, makeup artists and growing entrepreneurs to come together and shoot some special projects. As we worked together to help womxn build portfolio content, marketing materials and more, we organized a shoot all directed, produced and ran by womxn both in front and behind the camera.

"Not Asking For It"

Coming Soon

A series to challenge the male gaze and the hypersexualization of womxn. It is a celebration of our confidence and bodies.

We postponed the series's launch to reconstruct our approach in a way that does not trigger or harm any sexual harassment or assault victims. It is essential for our team to be trained in offering peer support before launching the campaign. We believe that NOT ASKING FOR IT will be an incredible series, but we announced a long-term project in March 2019.