Three-Year Party

On Friday, December 20th, 2019, the Flaunt It Team celebrated the holidays and our three-year anniversary with our last open photoshoot of the year. We also premiered our short film called WHAT IS LOVE to celebrate our upcoming exhibit in this more intimate event. 

The event included ornament crafting stations, colouring-booths, murals to decorate, free hot chocolate, cookie making, karaoke, performances, giveaways and more! All our guests were invited to partake in our #FlauntItFridays series again where they can choose between modelling for the INTRINSIC or EXTRINSIC campaign.

Thank you to our sponsors, Give & Go, Lisa Cosmetics, Elaaj Humanfriendly Skincare, Rani's Sweet Creations and THAT Toronto Studio for offering your support and celebrating this special day with us.

THE #FIF stories will be up in our creative campaigns section in early january 2021.