Flaunt It Fridays

Flaunt It Fridays is the primary and first 'Flaunt It' campaign that focuses on celebrating both the internal and external aspects of a woman's beauty. It comprises two sub-series called INTRINSIC and EXTRINSIC. It emphasizes the importance of having women learn how to accept ​both spectrums of their​ individuality to further their self-confidence.

It is all about having women reflect on the importance of self-love and challenge their insecurities. Through self-reflection, these women think about what weighs them down or lifts them. By doing so, they are taking one step closer to loving themselves wholeheartedly and accepting all that they are. Self-reflection is a crucial part of the two series because the concept of loving yourself starts with you. 

Below is a slideshow with 75% of the #FlauntItFriday stories from our #Intrinsic & #Extrinsic series.

More individual stories are coming soon!

There are about 100+ stories captured in this series and we have more photos being edited as well. Thank you for your patience as we work on organizing about five years' worth of #FlauntItFriday content.