Let's Love More

Learn about the vision, process & exhibit of our dreams.


Let's Love More

Learn about the vision, process & exhibit of our dreams.

In August 2016, the first Flaunt It Open Photoshoot was organized at Osgoode Hall Law School's Junior Commons Room to collaborate with Success Beyond Limits Summer Program. Our Executive Artistic Director, Sariena Luy, was given $150 from RBC to "make a difference."

The goal was to create an accessible and open-invite space that allowed any woman to be a part of the #FlauntItFriday campaigns. It was the first step to the dream of fundraising for an art exhibition where the Flaunt It team can showcase all the portraits and stories of women that they have shot, especially to highlight the beauty of the Jane-Finch community.

In February 2020, Flaunt It successfully brought this vision to life. We thank the funding City of Toronto and TakingITGlobal for funding this project and making our dream become a reality. 

Let's Love More is a celebration of women. It is a celebration of our community, as we show the GTA & beyond how beautiful it truly is, along with the work we can do together. There was not a single detail in this exhibit that was not run by youth. Together, we brought one of our dreams to life.

Sariena Luy (Executive artistic director)

February 1, 2020 at Winters College

The Opening Night Event


The Exhibit's Goals

  • To showcase work from our photography campaigns that celebrate women from all walks of life. As every campaign possesses a different theme & importance, a range of representation, diversity and inspiring stories will fill the venue.

  • To de-stigmatize and remove the misconceptions from Torontonians who define Neighborhood Improvement Areas (NIA's) by occasional instances of violence. We will show them that our communities are filled with familial beauty to be admired & considered.


Our Message

In the rising waves of feminist movements and their abilities to empower womxn in every capacity, we are thankful for the support people, organizations, and institutions are giving to uplift womxn. However, let us ensure that support continues to grow, and the efforts to be, included, treated fairly, equitably, respectfully in all areas of life expand positively too.


The Flaunt It Movement is dedicated to promoting love, appreciation and confidence, but it is an interdependent effort. 

Let's Love More is our message that asks everyone to reflect on being able to love themselves and the people around them. It is being apologetic and understanding that we may not be perfect, but every piece of our individuality is beautiful & worthy.

And the beauty in us all grows through,

the encouragement and kindness we give & receive.

Let us not be afraid to smile.

Let us not be afraid to give a compliment.

Let us not be afraid to step out of our comfort zones

Let us not be afraid to fall in love with the woman in the mirror.

Let us be brave, together.

We invite you to not only love more,

​but to love better.

Event photography by ashley say

recap video by trucreates