Visual & Digital Artist (she/her)

Meet Amy Tran

Amy Tran is a Vietnamese-Canadian visual artist who is an aspiring creative entrepreneur. She specializes in traditional painting and illustration mediums but is also an emerging digital artist. Amy is currently studying at Toronto Metropolitan University as a second-year student in the Creative Industries program, with concentrated modules in Interior Design: Human-scale for Creative Thinkers and Media Business.

She enjoys creating and designing art pieces to build her portfolio further while also practicing and developing new skills and techniques. As an identified Asian woman, stereotypes around occupations in the arts leading to a poorer lifestyle are common. Through her creative work, she wants to prove that female artists can make great lifestyles for themselves through creative passions. 

Amy is currently an intern at The Flaunt It Movement’s summer incubator program building a portfolio, engaging in creative productions and creating a final piece for Flaunt It’s visual anthology magazine. She is also a graphic designer in the marketing department of the Enactus Organization led by TMU students that focuses on sustainable social changes through environmental and economic impacts. Continuously exploring the creative sectors within professional practices, Amy strives to explore new art mediums and indulge more in the digital aspects of the creative industry.

"Lotus Breakthrough"

Digital Art - Printed 24” by 36” by Amy Tran — Artist Statement [EXCERPT]

My love for the arts has always come from finding a creative outlet to express myself and using it as a methodical practice to relieve boredom and ultimately be creative. I have always found it therapeutic and an enjoyable experience to peacefully blast music and start painting, illustrating or even cutting up cardboard to build objects. My piece titled ‘Lotus Breakthrough’ is a digital artwork that explores my cultural experiences growing up as a Vietnamese-Canadian in Toronto, Ontario. It celebrates my upbringing of being surrounded by the Vietnamese culture and other Asian traditions that have helped shape who I am today despite growing up in a Westernized territory.

I decided to pursue a piece about my cultural experiences inspired by the many tragic and horrific anti-Asian hate crimes that have taken a toll on the Asian community since the beginning of the pandemic. This piece intends to celebrate Asian representation evolving in a Westernized environment. My experiences of growing up inheriting the Vietnamese language from my family, celebrating and participating in annual festivals and attending weekly Vietnamese classes collectively play a significant role in my cultural identity today.

a close up of

Lotus Breakthrough

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Lotus Breakthrough

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