Visual Artist / Graphic Designer & Poet (She/Her)

Meet Seidy Barrie

Kadiatu Seidy Barrie is a self-taught digital artist who designs portraits and graphics. Recently, she has been interested in social media branding, graphics and communications design. Despite her academic foundation in Neuroscience as a fourth-year undergraduate at Carleton University, her passion for digital art and design has persisted. Presently, she is immersed in the communications field, working as a social media coordinator and communications director.

In her work, she aims to blend her scientific background with the psychology of marketing to create audience-tailored content, adding a unique perspective to her creative approach.

  Seidy is also the co-host and graphic designer for the podcast “Let’s Talk Big Tingz.” This platform has allowed her to extend her creative expression while advocating for important matters. She addresses topics important to her identity as a West African Muslim woman navigating the complexities of a second diaspora upbringing. She only hopes to continue working with her community to make positive change for those who share similar experiences. Seidy is always seeking opportunities to apply her versatile art skills, as she is open to diverse projects.

a close up of

The Petals Within

link to view the full piece

"The Petals Within"

Digital Art - Printed 24” by 36” Wide by Seidy Barrie — Artist Statement [EXCERPT]

As a digital artist specializing in illustrations and design, I have always appreciated transforming ideas and feelings into tangible creations. My journey in digital art and design has allowed me to manifest concepts into reality, whether through graphic design, logo design or creating digital figure drawings. In my piece titled The Petals Within, I've woven together personal sentiments while promoting a subject of profound significance to me. The Petals Within stands as a digital illustration incorporated with a poem, all together narrating the journey of self-love and discovery of the untapped potentials embarked on by Black women.

  The word "potential" has been used to describe me throughout my life's journey, but unfortunately, I grew up stifling my innate potential due to fear and self-doubt. These fears have stemmed from insecurities, concerns about external judgment, and meeting cultural norms. Growing up as a young Black girl, I have grappled with feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness, as have many Black women, especially growing up in a society that regards us as inferior. Presently, I am in a season of change, a self-love and self-discovery journey in which I am finally tapping into all my potential and unearthing my creative abilities.