Creative Director, Dancer, Writer (She/Her)

Meet Farianny Gonzalez-Sanchez

Loud and vibrant, you will feel her before you see her. Farianny Gonzalez-Sanchez is a first-generation Dominican-Canadian multi-disciplinary artist. Heavily influenced by her Latin culture, she was first introduced to art through dance. By age 8, she had learned Salsa, Bachata and Merengue. She is now attending Toronto Metropolitan University, where she is studying Communications, hoping to one day become a Teacher, specifically in programming for youth and immigrants.

She presently dances for TMU’s student-run HipHop team, as well as performs for various events such as Fashion Art Toronto. 


For the past two years, Farianny has been sharpening her photography, videographer and writer skills. Her work is colourful and playful, leading with her childlike spirit. She is very experimental; most of her work occurs outside a studio where anything can happen. Her work explores themes of Love, Family and Culture - these are the driving force behind who she is as an artist and person. 

"Born From The Drums"

Poem & Video (Official Video Coming Soon) — By Farianny Gonzalez-Sanchez — Artist Statement [EXCERPT]

Growing up, I always created art for fun. As a child, I had a lot of energy and spent most of it dancing or singing. As I grew up and life got more challenging, art became an escape and a way to check in on myself. Subconsciously, my art is now a window to my mental state. My piece, Born From the Drums, is a short film exploring my relationship with dance. 

My relationship with the arts has changed, and dance is no exception. I hit a point where my body did not want to move, and I dreaded dancing. This really scared me because dance had always been my safe space. Through this film, I wanted to explore themes of culture and love; these aspects are central to why I dance. I use archival footage and present-day footage of myself to convey this. 

Poem & Video By Farianny Gonzalez-Sanchez

Born From The Drums

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