Theatre, Writer, Film/Video, Photographer (She/They)

Meet Juné Swaby

Juné Swaby is a multidisciplinary artist born and raised in Rexdale, Toronto, Ontario. She employs a diverse range of art forms, including spoken word, photography, film, digital art and sculpting. She graduated from Etobicoke School of the Arts with a degree in Visual/Contemporary Arts but is largely self-taught.

As a Black, Queer woman, Juné’s identity is inextricably attached to her bodies of work. She utilizes her art not only as a means to explore the various facets of her identity but also to educate others about Black and Queer issues, such as the importance of holding predominantly White institutions accountable and overcoming internalized homophobia.

  Juné has written R&B music for music camps. Additionally, she has performed in over ten shows throughout high school ranging from radical call out spoken word to comical musicals. She has aspirations to pursue film and stage acting, as well as turning her poems into lyrics for music.

"Your Favourite Experiment"

Spoken Word Poem & Performance By Juné Swaby — Artist Statement [EXCERPT]

Your Favourite Experiment is a spoken word and drama piece about being in a Queer-"situationship" that ends in heartbreak. The woman I was involved with was unsure if she liked women and used me to find out if she was ready to try being with one. When it was all said and done, she was the one who cried, ran away and got sympathy while I was left to heal on my own. Your Favourite Experiment depicts the situation, my feelings at the time and the aftermath of it all. 

Spoken Word Poem & Performance By Juné Swaby

Your Favourite Experiment

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