Singer & Spoken Word Artist (she/her)

Meet Kayla Green

Kayla Green is a Black, multidisciplinary artist and activist specializing in Vocals and Spoken Word. From a very young age, Kayla grew up constantly experiencing hardships from the people in her life due to the color of her skin and appearance. Because of that, art has always been used as self-expression and safe haven. She attended Etobicoke School of the Arts and majored in Drama & Musical Theatre.

Through her creative work, Kayla hopes to empower Black women and girls to tell their stories and to be unapologetically black and beautiful.

Kayla participates in numerous art productions of every form to portray her passion for existing as a Black Woman and as an Artist such as: “Because I Am A Girl,” “My Being,” “Black Magic,” and the Fight for Having It. Kayla is currently an Intern at the Flaunt It Movement Incubator program, which fosters skills in creative entrepreneurship alongside self-love and self-empowerment. Kayla is presently publishing a spoken word reflection in Flaunt It’s 2022 Visual Anthology. In the future, Kayla plans to pursue a degree in Humanities and Art, and hopes to audition for major networks such as Netflix and wishes to publish her Spoken Words & Poetry. Furthermore, Kayla wishes to use her art and activism to change the world and to create more programs that prioritizes the lives Black women.


Spoken Word Video & Performance by Kayla Green — Artist Statement [EXCERPT]

“Art is not what you see but what you make others see”. Art became a medium that allowed me to exist unapologetically. From singing a song you heard on the radio, Taking a picture of a pretty sunset, Acting out your favourite TV show or creating choreography out of thin air, art is a healing essence that exists within me and has allowed me to navigate this society as a Black woman. My work has evolved uniquely; from merely singing my favourite songs to wanting to perform those very songs to give people the feeling it gave me. I later expanded into the spoken word field and discovered how impactful It is to use language to tell your story in such an alluring way. My piece titled “Reflection” is a Spoken Word that explores my self-identity as a Black woman and my lack of self-love due to the transgressions I experienced as a Black woman. I intentionally created a video component with an instrumental of “Reflection” to expand my initial piece and connect with the reader on a deeper level.

My inspiration behind this piece were my own desire to love myself and to heal from my own past experiences and hardships. In grade 5, back when Facebook was the #1 app, I saw that people at my school posted a status about me saying I eat lots of Big Macs as well as calling me “ugly and Black”. Since then, I’ve encountered multiple racist and sexist assaults, the most recent one made by my 12th-grade teacher. During the musical production “Fiddler on the Roof” that my school would be performing, he told me that I would need to “take my braids out for the musical”. I felt defeated. Everywhere I turned, there was active oppression against me.

A Spoken Word video by Kayla Green


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