Visual Artist & Poet (she/they)

Meet Tatsbita Sadikin (aka Tabi)

Tabi is a queer-Muslim, Canada-born Indonesian multidisciplinary artist specializing in poetry and visual arts. They started taking an interest in visual arts at the age of 3 when art was introduced through her mother's paintings. They then wrote a poem for the first time with her childhood best friend for Mother’s Day. Since then, Tabi has continued to pursue art and poetry as a form of self-expression and a way to connect with her Indonesian roots.

Being passionate about cultural representation and environmentalism has let Tabi explore themes ranging from fear and anxiety to nostalgia and personal empowerment. Alongside her creative journey, they are constantly learning Languages and Intercultural Relations both as a major at Toronto Metropolitan University and as a world citizen trying their best to elevate empathy, justice, and sustainability for humans and Earth.

Curating and performing her poetry during open mics bring great joy in her everyday life. They plan to someday publish a poetry and illustration book relating to her intersecting identities which they hope will bring comfort and speak to those who read them. As a free-spirited person, they are down to new experiences in life and is open to different career paths within her capabilities. At this moment, they are interested in being the bridge between different cultural practices, such as a translator or a mediator. Within everything, they can always be found creating and evolving their art and her professional artist journey, whether it’s experimenting with different mediums, sharing their art on Instagram, taking commissions, or selling art prints.

Visual poetry video mood board



Visual Poetry — By Tatsbita Sadikin — Artist Statement [EXCERPT]

Visual arts and poetry have always been my go-to forms of art to express and learn new things about myself. I explore themes of identity, nostalgia and various emotions. My project titled “Grey” is a three-part mini-series of visual art, two poems, and a video that explores my experiences and the mixed emotions of being comfortable, confused, and anxious about my intersecting identities. For this project, I experimented with the use of instrumentals for the poem piece titled “Grey” to include the sounds that remind me of my favourite memories in Indonesia, which are the sounds of a Gamelan, a traditional Indonesian instrument.